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paint by numbers

Emily Oster

As part of my parents ski house design, I am trying to convince them to do a gallery wall with lots of vintage paint by numbers paintings. If you aren't familiar with paint by numbers they were a hugely popular craft back in the 1950s and 60s. Today, you can find kits in dollar and craft stores but they no longer have the great retro style of the original ones. The vintage ones are fairly easy to find on Ebay and Etsy or at antique and thrift stores however, they do seem to be growing in popularity. I like them for their graphic quality, affordability and that they can often be found framed (a big cost saver). For the ski house, I have started to source wintery scenes (preferable framed) that look something like this.

I like the look of multiples if you have a theme like a ski house or in the examples below a mountain house, beach house or just love dogs. 

via  A Storied Style  originally featured in  Country Living

via A Storied Style originally featured in Country Living

A whole wall is a pretty bold look and probably only works for certain types of homes. However, I think that one or two paint by numbers can look great mixed among other pieces of art or just on their own. Here are a few random ones that I like. 

via  Ebay

via Ebay

via  Etsy

via Etsy

via  Etsy

via Etsy

Could make a unique and special Christmas gift for someone!