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roo kee roo

Emily Oster

Hello! I am back as a married lady! To quickly summarize, the past two weeks were absolutely incredible - we wed surrounded by our friends and family, skied, relaxed and enjoyed being with each other in one of our favorite places. It was a little hard to return to St. Louis but I am excited about starting new projects and getting back into things with my new non-wedding planning freed up schedule. 

To get things back up and running today, I want to feature ROO KEE ROO. ROO KEE ROO is the illustration company of two brothers raised in the upper peninsula of Michigan or the U.P. as we Michiganders call it. Their prints are a celebration of their childhood in which they were taught the "beauty of honest, straightforward instruments important for getting the job done" (ROO KEE ROO). Jeff and I discovered their work at one of Petoskey's new local stores - LAKE AFFECT - and immediately jumped at purchasing a print. We decided on this boat motor to start our collection.

Outboard Motor  by ROO KEE ROO

Outboard Motor by ROO KEE ROO

We bought the largest size available - 13" x 19" - which I think will look great in just a simple, white lacquered frame. Below are a few more that I plan to collect in the future. 

Shotgun Shell  by ROO KEE ROO

Shotgun Shell by ROO KEE ROO

Snow Shovel  by ROO KEE ROO

Snow Shovel by ROO KEE ROO