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new flooring today!

Emily Oster

Today is a little like Christmas morning - our mountain grass flooring is being installed! And with some much appreciated/needed help from good friends, I got the room painted too! 

Ripping up the carpet was literally the first thing we did in the house so seeing the project completed in both the office and no longer the "project room" feels like we are making some real progress. We will still have the stairs to work on - repair, paint and have the flooring guys install the already purchased runner - but we even managed to get started on that project this week as well! In fact, we have gotten so much accomplished in the past couple weeks I need to make a new list of what to tackle next!

To recap our flooring project, we started with carpet running up the stairs onto the landing and into the office and what was the master bedroom. This was just before Labor Day.

After the carpet was ripped up it looked like this....taken over Labor Day weekend.

We then hand scraped and sanded the landing as the boards were too thin to use a mechanical sander on. We added a rug, buffet piece and lamp and now the landing looks like this...

I did a good amount of searching and sourcing for our stair runner and I wrote this post. Then two months later, I wrote this post about how our plans had changed from painting the floor in the old master/stinky/project room to installing sea grass and how our original thought of doing a stripped runner wouldn't work for us.

In November, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the below mountain grass for the office and project room and a gray wool sisal for the stair runner(both from Fibreworks).

The mountain grass was backordered until early December and with our own scheduling issues as well as our installer being super busy we made a plan for install in January. That, of course, brings us today and as I write this they have just arrived!

Lots of progress pics to come next week! Have a great weekend everyone!

progress in the office and project room

Emily Oster

Our carpenters finished hanging drywall in the project room Wednesday and I completed painting the walls in the office on Monday. We are really pleased with the results of both "in progress" projects and are beginning to see the rooms come together. The project room now looks like this. 

My apologies on the badly light photo. The room is on the east side of the house and gets great light in the morning but gets pretty dim in the late afternoon. The pictures of the office turned out much better as the room gets afternoon light that the original windows filter so amazingly. 

There won't be much time for projects this weekend as my parents and sister are visiting but I do plan to finish painting the ceiling in the office and hopefully clean the project room. The drywall dust just gets everywhere! 

In the office, the next steps are to move our things into room - desk, chair, supplies, files etc. and to find new brackets to rehang open wood shelving. The mountain grass flooring won't be installed until the end of December (maybe early January) and will be are fairly quick process. As such we have decided to start using the room and to just move the few pieces of furniture when necessary.

In the project room, we need to obviously clean up from construction and then start priming and painting. Jeff's family is coming for Christmas and his sister will be using the room so I would like to make it as comfortable as possible for her - although there might not be flooring and she will be sleeping on an air mattress.... 

Have a great weekend everyone!